Deep down every human being longs for a deliverer. In various ways, we all sense some sort of bondage in this world. We long for someone to come and rescue us, make things right, lead us in a just way, to deliver us from evil and bring us into a Promised Land where everything will be made right!

Generations have felt this, whether the African American slaves yearning for freedom from their shackles, or the Boers in the Cape longing to escape what they saw as British tyranny. It’s for this reason that the story of the Exodus is so powerful and compelling. Exodus is the story of God raising up a deliverer, Moses, who leads the nation of Israel from slavery in Egypt into freedom in the Promised Land. It’s a story of God himself destroying his enemies and saving a people for himself.

In this series we will see is that this Exodus story is a gospel story. It’s the foreshadowing of the ultimate Exodus led by a new Moses, Jesus Christ, who saves us from bondage to sin and leads us into the true Promised Land, our eternal inheritance, the new creation.


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